Why should you watch Riverdale ?

Riverdale is a TV show you may have heard about. A lot of people talk about it right now as the first season is coming to an end. So, let’s have a chat about the show (no spoilers don’t worry) and it may convince some of you to watch it !

Riverdale is the name of the small town where the story takes place. It used to be a safe place where nothing extraordinary happened. Until one summer day, Jason Blossom was killed. We then  learn that the residents of Riverdale aren’t as perfect as they seemed to be. There is family drama, weird money deal and a controversial love story, which make the identity of the killer hard to find. Moreover, we become attached to the characters of Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin and Cheryl who all go to high school together and have their own backstory in parallel of the investigation.

So, now that you know a little about the show, I would like to say what I enjoyed the most about this program. First I love the ghastly atmosphere. There is fog and snow and the Blossom’s house in Thornhill is sinister. It really contrasts with the more American vibe of the serie with the typical American high school with lockers and the vintage café called « Pop’s ».


Plus, Cheryl is a very fascinating character to me. She has mean parents, her twin brother has died and she does not really have friends she can trust. Even so, she acts like the mean girl in the story, she has a background that makes me empathize with her and want her to become a part of the group.


Another aspect is that the plot is complexe and has many twists. It is hard to know who really killed Jason and it makes me want to watch the next episode immedialtely. The characters are complexe, round and  aren’t all good or all bad. We discover that parents aren’t always perfect and they make mistakes like any humans and I like the fact that everything isn ‘t focussed only on teenagers.

Finally, the character of Jughead ! You have to watch for yourself.

Chapter One: The River's Edge

Now, as much as I love the show I still want to aknowledge some low points for me. The music isn’t my cup of tea and I find it quite annoying because Archie wants to have a futur in the music industry but everytime he sings I find it unpleasant. I am not a big fan of the Pussycats either.

Sometimes I also find characters too caricatural like Betty’s mother in the beginning of the season. She was hysteric! So, a bit too much from time to time but that’s also the charm of the show…

All in all, I think Riverdale is a good entertainment with beautiful shots, an intriguing story and a great topic to talk about with friends and collegues during lunch breaks, to survive exam season (We’re in the same boat, it’s going to be okay!) or to forget a little the political issues thrown at us these past days (weeks, months…).

Anyway, do you want to give it a watch after reading this ? If you already watched it tell me what you thought of it. Do you (dis)agree with me ?

See you soon

Cécile xx


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