Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American TV Show. The first season came out in summer 2016 and the second season is planned for later this year since the first season was a huge success. It is about the missing of Will Byers, a young boy who did not come home after a night at Mike’s house playing board games. Nobody knows where he is or even if he is alive. His three friends, Mike, Lucas and Dustin decide to try to solve the mystery of his disappearance . During their mission they meet a mysterious girl called Eleven who seems out of their world. She has super powers and seems to know more things than she says. She also seems to have many enemies. Mike decides to protect and hide her in his basement without his parents noticing. His sister Nancy is disturbed by the fact that her friend Barbara is missing after a party. She becomes closer to Jonathan Byers (Will’s older brother) when she tries to find her. This does not please her boyfriend Steve…


I really liked the 80’s vibe of the TV show. Everything was in the theme, the fashion, the music, how the show was shot. It gave a special atmosphere, there was something almost nostalgic of the old TV shows that I had not seen in a while.

I also loved the darkness of it. I can’t watch horror but this story is intriguing and a little scarry. It’s addictive! We want to know what will happen to the characters and to know the truth. I became attached to many characters and the fact that most of them are children gives a freshness to the show. It feels authentic and spontaneous. I enjoyed the dynamic between the kids and how their friendship evolve. It feels true.


I also liked seeing the parents and their interactions. How they live “the American Dream” and make everything seem perfect and normal but they can’t fool their own family (like Mike’s parents). When someone acts differently, even when there is a reason (Will’s mother and brother after his disappearance for example) are perceived as abnormal and people to stay away from.


There’s a lot of mystery around this show. We don’t really know what the “bad guys” are doing, the death of the sheriff’s daughter seems strange, we don’t really know much about Eleven or the upside down. There is still a lot to be explored and many plot lines could be considered.

Have you seen the show? I can’t wait for the season two!

See you soon
Cécile xx


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