Spook’s: Alice review

Spook’s: Alice is the 12th book in the Spooks saga written by Joseph Delaney and published since 2005. The book is 326 pages long. The narrator is Alice -Tom’s closest friend- for the first time in the series. We follow Alice in her quest to find a dagger which will help Tom to kill the devil. During her travel she meets old enemies and has to survive many dangers but she also found new allies. We also learn more about her past and her training with Lizzie (her real mother) to become a witch. It is also the discovery of her powers when she was younger and how it could affect her future life and the ones of the people she loves.


I liked the fact that it is Alice who is narrating the story and that we learn more about her and what she has been through before meeting Tom. It helps us understand why she is the way she is now. This whole book is like reliving all the trials Alice went through during her life.

(Spoilers) I also enjoyed having Thorne as a major character again. Seing her again was a good surprise. We can see her evolve and getting stronger even after she had actually died and I think she does a good duo with Alice.


The magic that I found in the saga when I was reading it as a child is still there and I still fairly enjoy it after several years. I will definitly read the last book of the saga: The Spook’s Revenge. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end. I read it during my entire childhood up until now. Reading the last book will be very nostalgic for me but I can’t wait to finally know the end of the story.

This saga is amazing for children aged 12 and more (it’s scarry so don’t read it at night!). Moreover the covers are absolutly beautiful. It looks like a real spook’s book.

Have you ever read the Spook’s as a child, as an adult? Or was that to scarry for you?

See you soon

Cécile xx


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