Wonder Woman review

Wonder Woman is a Super-Hero movie released in 2017 and directed by Patty Jenkins. It is a DC movie with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, a British spy. The film is about Diana, who has been raised by her mother and the Amazons. She never went out of the kingdom, which is away from all civilisation. One day, a man enters the hidden kingdom. His plane crashes and Diana saves him. That’s how she discovers the human world. She learns that it is cruel and that people are dying because of WWI. She decides to leave the Amazons to save humanity and her adventure begins.

I loved to learn the backstory of Wonder Woman and to see where she was raised and I think it is very relevant to the story. It explains why she doesn’t know anything about humanity and I enjoyed seing her relationship with her mother.


I also liked the character of Steve and how he sees all these impressive and overwhelming things -like when he discovers the Amazons- and does not ask that much questions. He just go with the flow with courage and determination.

I think the romance between the two characters is well depicted. It is moving and emotional but not too cliché and is not the center of all actions and attentions.


Finally I think doing a parallel between Ares and the leader of the war is smart. We all think that Diana doesn’t know anything and is too naive because she believes in an old legend her mother told her as a child. We think Ares doesn’t exist. I think the plot twist at the end was really smooth and there is a great moral. Humans are good and bad at the same time. Nothing is as easy as such a definite statement, there’s always more to it. To be able to help making the world a better place you need to see the good in people and not only the darkness even if you have to be aware of it.


The film is quite long (2h20) but I never found myself bored. I found the Doctor Poison really terrifying and mad and that made the context of WWI captivating. The film questions courage, duty, faith in humanity and love. The whole film was epic and emotional. I recommand it to everyone.

Have you seen it yet? What did you thought of it?

See you soon,

Cécile xx


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