Eat, Pray, Love film review

Eat, Pray, Love is a film directed by Ryan Murphy with Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem and James Franco. It’s an adaptation from a book by Elizabeth Gilbert. The film is 2h13 long and was released in 2010.

This film is about Elizabeth, 28, a writer. She leaves her husband because she doesn’t love him anymore. She then begins a new relationship that fails after a little while. She decides to leave New York City for a year and travel in three different places to reconnect with herself and try to figure out what to do with her life. She first goes to Italy where she experiences the food there. Then she goes to India and discovers spirituality and praying. Finally she travels to Indonesia where she finds love again. She writes stories about her experiences: Eat, Pray, Love.

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This film talks about the choices you have to make to be happy. Sometimes you have to make a bold move like leaving a long time relationship that does not fulfil you anymore. It also approaches the idea of doing something that is unexpected by family, friends and society. To go against the odds to find happiness again and break conventions.

It is also about identity. In a long time relationship, your personnality sometimes blends with your partner’s. This film is also figuring out who you are as an individual. What do you like? Who you want to become? Where you want to live? Who you want to share your life with?

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The film touch also upon moving on with your life. Letting go of the negative feelings and of resentment. To be able to be vunerable again with someone else after the failure of a relationship. It’s about taking the risk of falling in love again.

This film is beautifully shot and there are many wonderful landscapes. The escape is real in this film. It feels like you are travelling with the character.


Overall, I think the film is a good romance. I love movies about travels, experiences and learning about yourself. Moreover, I love Julia Roberts. However, I think the film is really long for what it has to say. For me, half an hour less would have been perfect. If romance is your kind of thing or you are planning a girl’s night, then this film would be perfect. If not, this film is not a must-see in my opinion.

Have you seen it? What did you think about it?

See you soon

Cécile xx


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