The Spook’s Revenge review

Warning : Contains spoilers !

The Spook’s Revenge is the last book from the saga The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney. It came out in 2013 and is 352 pages long. This is the grand final of Tom’s apprenticeship. It is also the fight against the devil. To be victorious Tom and the Spook have to combine their power with unexpected people such as witches. There is also a big evolution for Alice. Indeed, the battle against the devil was made at a huge cost for the girl, who enters more and more the darkness each time she uses her magic. She also turned away from Tom when she met a new powerful character called Lukraste.

I liked the fact that Grimalkin was still a big part of the story. I enjoyed seing her strenght and how she healed with bravery and without complaining. I think she makes a great team with Tom and the Spook. Moreover, I liked that the Spook finally accepts her and recognizes that she can be an ally.

However, I am a little disappointed about how the relationship between Alice and Tom turned out. Alice left his side very suddenly and I feel that it was a little rushed. But as John Gregory says in the novel, you can’t be close to witches and he knows that well with his experience with Meg.

It is the end of the saga but some things stay unclear such as the relationship between Alice and Tom in the future. She says that they will meet again but we aren’t aware of what will happen. At the same time it also feels like a closure because we finally see what the Wardstone is about (that was a reccurent element in all books) and how it is related to Tom.

This novel feels like the end of an era for the characters but also for me. I have been reading this saga since I was 12 and it feels really nostagic now that it is over. I fairly enjoyed the story and I think people who like fantastic worlds would too.

Have you read the entire saga ? What did you think of it ?

See you soon

Cécile xx


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