Edge of Tomorrow review

Warning: contains spoilers

Edge of Tomorrow is a film directed by Doug Liman with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. It was released in 2014 and is 1h53 long. It is about a man called Cage who is send to war as a soldier by his boss. He wasn’t trained to be a soldier and does everything in his power to flee. Unfortunatly he doesn’t suceed and dies during the battle against the aliens. However, after his death he suddenly wakes up at the same time and place that he woke up the day before. He has to relive that day again and again. Each time he dies he wakes up. He then meets Rita, a powerful soldier, who tells him she used to have the same thing but lost it after the battle in Verdun. Cage then realizes that he is the only hope for humanity to win the war and that he has to relive his day until they eventually win against the aliens.


I thought there were many funny moments in the film. The soldier squad is hilarious and it allows a great balance between banter and action.

I also liked to see the evolution of Cage during the day that he relives again and again and the different strategies that he put up to solve the obstacles he encounters.


I enjoyed the alchemy between Cage and Rita and the fact that it wasn’t too cliché. I thought the plot was interesting and I was never bored. I find it was a good action film. I would rate it a 3/5.

Have you seen it ? What would you do if you had to relive a day again and again ?

See you soon

Cécile xx


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