Working in a summer camp

I have not been very active on this blog in the month of July and the reason is I was working in a summer camp and it took over my time.

I was indeed working with children between the age of 3 and 5 years old. Working there implied lots of preparation to be able to present a variety of activities for the children. There were creative activities, sports activities… Our theme for the month was Superheroes. We also wanted to create games with the children for two women who will travel to Morroco in September to give toys to the children there. We also did lots of outings with the children such as a theme park, the pool, a photo rallye in a huge park… We (the team) did the best we could to make sure the children spend the best holiday ever and I think the children really enjoyed their time there. I also organised an all-nighter with story telling, huge cosy blankets and soft toys. It was amazing.

On a daily basis the children arrived at 8 am and were going home at 6pm. After 6, it was preparation time for the next day. We reorganized and cleaned the rooms, prepared the last details for the activities and had a debrief of the day with the whole team with what we could do better. I was leaving my house at 7h15 in the morning and going home by 9h30 at night. Big days you may say.

This job was very engaging and a learning experience, I learned to handdle many situations, to communicate better with the children, the team and the parents..). However, it was also exhausting and all my energy was gone by the end of the month.

I am thankful for the great team and boss I had and I don’t know how that would have gone without such involved people. It was an amazing experience that I will do again without doubts. Now it’s time for holidays after a year in Uni and a month of hard work.

Have you ever had a similar job ? What was your experience ? Take care of yourself and take some rest. See you after my little break.

Cécile xx


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