The Evolution of Trust by Nicky Case

Are you interested in learning more about the mechanism behind how people decide to trust or not others. Then, The Evolution of Trust by Nicky Case is made for you. Indeed it is a game that came out in July 2017. It involves a situation with two people who have to trust each other to win a lot of coins. Indeed, if each player put a coin in the machine, they both win 3 coins. If no one puts a coin, they don’t win anything. However, if only one puts a coin, the player who cooperated doesn’t win anything while the other wins 3 coins. You discover in the game multiples players with different behaviours. Some cheats all the time and choose to use other people to make profit but without giving anything in exchange.


Others, are copying what the other person has done in the previous round (cooperate or cheat). Some cooperate all the time and are easy targets for other players. In the next stage of the game, you also learn about mistakes. Indeed, sometimes trust is broken. But, could it be a mistake of the other player ? If your behaviour is the one represented by the copycat you will take revenge and maybe start a never ending war. It might be more judicious to trust him once more to see if he tries to fool you again or if it was only a mistake.

This game explains what are the main conditions to have strong relations with other people and countries based on trust, or even why characters are acting like they do in your favourite TV show (I was thinking about Game of Thrones during the whole game). First, the deal has to be a win-win. Both sides must have interest to cooperate with the other or the deal won’t last. Another criteria is to understand when there was a mistake and resisting to take revenge if it was only one time. Also misunderstanding may be the origin of many mistakes and conflicts, so make sure your ears are open and that the message is clearly delivered.


I loved this game. It taughts me many things and I never really questioned how trust worked in society before this game. So check out the game here if you are interested :

See you soon,

Cécile xx


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