12 things I learned while living abroad (in Canada) for 8 months!

I cannot believe what I am writing right now, but in a few days I will leave Canada to do road trip on the east cost of the US for 2 weeks and then I will come back to France! I am happy that I will soon see all my family and friends again but... Continue Reading →


What happened in September? (My Exchange in Toronto Part 3)

So let me take you back in September 2017. It was a really busy and exciting month for me. First I settled in my new apartment and discovered my area more, especially La Boheme Cafe which is a really cute French cafe that I already mentioned in my favourites blog post. I also discovered the... Continue Reading →

2017: A Retrospective

Looking back at my 2017 resolutions: For me, 2017 was an awesome year. A lot of unexpected things happened and I even sometimes struggle to believe how much my life has changed in 365 days. I managed to obtain the first year of my English degree, to work in a youth centre during the summer... Continue Reading →

My Fall Favourites

So it has been a while that I haven't talk about the things that I like. I thought today would be the perfect moment to catch up and talk about the things that have been my favourites during Fall. Let's begin with products. I'm not so much one for talking beauty and skincare. However, living... Continue Reading →

My trip to Wroclaw, Poland

Last week, I went on holiday with my friends in Poland. We stayed a week. We discovered the city of Wroclaw, which is the fourth biggest city in the country. It was my first time in Poland and I was really excited. During the first few days, we visited the inner city called Rynek and... Continue Reading →

Working in a summer camp

I have not been very active on this blog in the month of July and the reason is I was working in a summer camp and it took over my time. I was indeed working with children between the age of 3 and 5 years old. Working there implied lots of preparation to be able... Continue Reading →


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