My Fall Favourites

So it has been a while that I haven't talk about the things that I like. I thought today would be the perfect moment to catch up and talk about the things that have been my favourites during Fall. Let's begin with products. I'm not so much one for talking beauty and skincare. However, living... Continue Reading →


Music Favourites (June 2017)

1- Melodrama by Lorde 2- Ultralife, Lifetimes and High on Humans (songs) by Oh Wonder 3- La Vraie Vie by Bigflo & Oli Have you listened to these yet? What are your current favourites? See you soon Cécile xx

Fenn by Tom Rosenthal

This week Tom Rosenthal released his fourth album. It is called Fenn. I had been waiting for it for quite some time. Indeed Tom had previously said on his twitter that he was recording his new album and then made a video with a few seconds of each song to promote it. So when Fenn... Continue Reading →

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