My Fall Favourites

So it has been a while that I haven't talk about the things that I like. I thought today would be the perfect moment to catch up and talk about the things that have been my favourites during Fall. Let's begin with products. I'm not so much one for talking beauty and skincare. However, living... Continue Reading →


Have you ever watched New Girl?

New Girl is a TV show that started in 2011. There are currently 6 seasons and the show has been renewed for a 7th. Each episode last 22 minutes. It is about a girl named Jess who learns about her fiancé's infidelity and decides to move into a flat with 3 guys. We follow her... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American TV Show. The first season came out in summer 2016 and the second season is planned for later this year since the first season was a huge success. It is about the missing of Will Byers, a young boy who did not come home after a night at Mike's house... Continue Reading →

Why should you watch Riverdale ?

Riverdale is a TV show you may have heard about. A lot of people talk about it right now as the first season is coming to an end. So, let's have a chat about the show (no spoilers don't worry) and it may convince some of you to watch it ! Riverdale is the name of the... Continue Reading →

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